Do I still use “Bounce to Disk” to record my mixes when using Dangerous Summing?

No- with Dangerous Summing, “Bounce to Disk” is unnecessary. Instead, record your mix into your DAW in real time by taking a pair outputs from your 2-Bus+ and plugging them into 2 line inputs on your interface. Once this mix has been recorded onto a stereo audio track (we like to label this track “print”), there are 2 ways to get the file out of your DAW: 1. Simply export the audio file. This will be your final mix. In ProTools, select the region and hit Shift+Command+K. In Logic, File->Export->Region As Audio File. In Cubase, File->Export->Selected Tracks. 2. If you prefer to avoid export functions altogether, just open the audio files folder for that session. Then locate the file that is labeled with the name you chose for your final mixdown track (i.e. “print”). Make certain to choose the most recent file. You may then use any two track audio editor or conversion program to adjust the bit depth and/or sample rate to your needs.

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