Adam Gonsalves

Mastering Engineer

“One of the best features of the LIAISON is the monitor outs…you can monitor the signal at four points in the chain: before and after Bus A and B. The usefulness of this feature is huge, and Dangerous deserves major props for including it!”

Alberto Rizzo Schettino

“The Dangerous LIAISON fels like engaging light-speed for my workflow..and make no mistake: workflow IS sound. The sheer speed at which you can do critical comparisons of entire signal chains does have a direct and positive impact how your music will sound.”

Antoine “Chab” Chabert

Mastering Engineer

“The LIAISON is really important – I can do a lot of combinations of chaining gear and I am able to work a lot faster. Before the LIAISON [I had to] switch the patchbay and compare the sounds. Now I am 20-times faster than before,… READ MORE Antoine “Chab” Chabert

Do I need to leave blank rack spaces above/below my gear?

Dangerous gear does not get extremely hot. However, we always recommend leaving blank spaces anyway. More ventilation always equals longer gear life, no matter how hot or cool your gear runs. Do not rack your Dangerous gear next to very hot gear such as power… READ MORE Do I need to leave blank rack spaces above/below my gear?

Jonathan Wyner

Mastering Engineer

“The Dangerous LIAISON is incredibly exciting. To have a device that lets you so easily switch between processors, swap the order of processors, do quick A-B comparisons of signal chains. It makes my work better!”

Robert Vosgien

Mastering Engineer

“The LIAISON is such a hip device. To be able to choose between different outboard gear immediately, and change the order of it in the signal path immediately is so useful!”

Simon Li

Mixing/Mastering Engineer - nOiz

“Integrates with the MASTER seamlessly, and they work as one well-designed mastering console with lots of flexibility in routing. The cleanest and most transparent insert switching I’ve ever used.”