Dan Black


“I noticed a profound improvement in detail when I added the SOURCE – being able to hear problems and overall a much more pleasant listening experience. I write mainly, so a lot of what I do is listen to the same thing a thousand times… READ MORE Dan Black

Daniel Sadowski

Music Composer

“Everything coming out of the CONVERT-8 sounds so expensive. VST samples all sound so real now. Before I would have to work so hard at getting a sound or instrument to a place where I felt it was worthy of being in my composition. Now,… READ MORE Daniel Sadowski

Do I need to leave blank rack spaces above/below my gear?

Dangerous gear does not get extremely hot. However, we always recommend leaving blank spaces anyway. More ventilation always equals longer gear life, no matter how hot or cool your gear runs. Do not rack your Dangerous gear next to very hot gear such as power… READ MORE Do I need to leave blank rack spaces above/below my gear?

Dominique Roland

“I was certainly not expecting such a result! I am extremely satisfied, this system can certainly challenge many hifi products much more expensive!
The sound is very neutral, sounding like a NOS DAC, but still very detailed and dynamic.”

Joseph Fraioli

Sound Designer

“Whats really noticeable with the analog stage is tightness in the different frequency bands – more clarity in the sub and better detail in the highs and high-mids. The source D/A, I have to say, is a really pleasant listen. So musical.”

Joseph Fraioli

Sound Designer

“From the second I plugged it in I could tell it was very pristine and transparent. The low frequencies feel tighter and less intermingled with the other frequencies. The mids feel really lively in a good way, and the highs are clear and present.”

Reuven Amiel


“The CONVERT-8 gave me the freedom to be more focused on the artistic and creative part of the mixing process because the audio quality and fidelity of the converters lets the music be free and balanced, and I don’t have to worry as much about… READ MORE Reuven Amiel