Dubway Studios Adds Dangerous Music ‘Monitor ST/SR’

Dubway Studios Adds Dangerous Music ‘Monitor ST/SR’
Busy NYC Recording Facility Chooses Monitor ST/SR 5.1 Controller for new 4th Room, alongside their Dangerous 2-BUS analog summing mixers

Edmeston, NY – September 12, 2006 – Dangerous Music, Inc. today announced that Dubway Studios, NYC has installed a Dangerous Monitor ST/SR surround setup in their new fourth studio. The Monitor ST is a remote-control based programmable input source and speaker switcher with integrated cue and talkback systems, including an onboard headphone power amplifier, while the Monitor SR expansion module provides comprehensive 5.1 surround monitoring. Dubway Studios has a busy roster of television shows, live-recorded  events, film and new media. Their current clients include MTV, VH1 and Nickleodeon, among others. Dubway is familiar with Dangerous Music products, having used Dangerous 2-BUS analog summing amps on more than 200 mixes over the past 4 years.

“When choosing the Dangerous Monitor ST/SR we talked about what we’d need for a 5.1 studio and how to achieve that in a small studio environment,” said Mike Crehore, Co-owner and Producer at Dubway. “We just didn’t have room for a full size console, and the Monitor ST integrates really well with the Dangerous 2-BUS.”
“I know Dangerous Music’s quality products from using the Dangerous 2-BUS on every mix I do at Dubway,” stated Jason Marcucci, Chief Engineer at Dubway. “I can’t really work without them. I love the 2-BUS.” Marcucci added, ” I’m so busy mixing projects for MTV and VH1 that we needed a new room for me to mix in. When we were designing the room, we knew we had to make it ready for surround for future DVD, HDTV and film-oriented projects. We checked out other monitor controllers, but after using and listening to the Dangerous Monitor ST/SR we definitely liked it best.” Marcucci’s first mix in the new room was a live recording of rock band New Found Glory for MTV2’s Discover and Download.

Live@VH1.com is one of Dubways biggest clients. Dubway has recorded every installment of the musical performances from stars including Beck, Alanis Morissette, Moby, Chris Cornell, The White Stripes, Train and Wilco, to name only a handful. The Beck and Morissette performances were aired as full half-hour shows on VH1. All the shows were mixed using the Dangerous Music 2-BUS.
Another major Dubway client is Nickelodeon’s The Backyardigans. “The show keeps the studio so busy right now that we needed a new room to mix other projects, so we built our fourth studio,” says Steven Alvarado, Studio Manager at Dubway. They call new studio the Red Room – all their studios are named after colors. Backyardigans’ engineer Crehore added, “I’ve mixed all the Backyardigans episodes using my Dangerous 2-BUS.” Dubway’s new Red Room features both a Dangerous Monitor ST/SR and Dangerous 2-BUS.

“Another thing I like about the Dangerous 2-BUS is access to the analog signal for inserting analog outboard gear,” added Al Houghton, Co-owner and Producer at Dubway. “Since I insert it at an analog level, the alignment of the audio is always there. For example I like to combine a compressed mix of the drums, using an analog compressor, with the Pro Tools mix. It’s very hard to do that without a tool like the Dangerous 2-BUS, which makes it easy and it sounds great.”

“In terms of Dubway and where we fit into the general music business, we do a lot of TV and rock recording and mixing. We’re all musicians and mix engineers so we’re pretty into the sound of the music itself. I use Pro Tools for all its editing and instant recall for TV, and by combining that with the Dangerous 2-BUS, and now the Monitor ST/SR, I don’t have to sacrifice the audio quality. And not just for us, but for the clients too, who recognize the quality of our mixes. It makes a difference in terms of the business,” concluded Houghton.

For more information on Dubway Studios NYC telephone (212)-352-3070 or visit http://www.dubway.com/

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