FOX Studios Adds 5.1 Control with Dangerous Music “Monitor ST/SR”

FOX Studios Adds 5.1 Control with Dangerous Music “Monitor ST/SR”
Four Surround Monitor Control Systems Installed at FOX Studios, Los Angeles

Edmeston, NY — Dangerous Music, Inc. today announced the sale and installation of four of their Monitor ST/SR controllers at FOX Studios in Los Angeles. The Monitor ST/SR solves monitoring problems associated with DAW-based recording and mixing in studio environments that do not employ a traditional mixing console. FOX is using the Monitor ST/SR units for 5.1 surround monitoring in their four ‘Smoke HD’ video post-production bays.
“After having FOX try out the Monitor ST/SR, we were quite happy to hear they chose to purchase four units to outfit several studios for surround audio monitor control,” said Bob Muller, Dangerous Music’s Founder and Co-owner. “When we designed the Monitor ST/SR, this was one of the key applications we had in mind—film and HD post-production utilizing 5.1 surround sound.”
The Monitor ST is a remote-control based input source and speaker switcher with integrated cue and talkback systems, 100% analog signal path and an onboard headphone power amplifier- all in a 1RU package. The Monitor SR is a companion expansion module providing full 5.1 surround monitoring capability. Studios working in stereo can start with the ST and later expand to surround by adding the Monitor SR unit with no equipment redundancy or obsolescence. With the cat-5 connected remote control unit, included with the Monitor ST, engineers can configure and control an entire system from the comfort of the studio’s sweet spot.
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