Dweezil Zappa Gets Dangerous On The Road

“Room Service Rig” with Dangerous 2-Bus Analog Summing Amps Allow Mixes Immediately After Live ‘Zappa Plays Zappa’ Shows are Recorded

Edmeston, NY – In a joint announcement today with AMD (NYSE: AMD), Dangerous Music released details of Dweezil Zappa‘s road recording rig using 48-channels of Dangerous 2-Bus LT analog summing and Dangerous Monitor ST speaker controller, allowing immediate mixing of the ‘Zappa Plays Zappa‘ live shows – even in a hotel room. The “Room Service Rig” consists of a PC Audio Labs computer powered by dual AMD Opteron(tm) quad-core processors, running Steinberg’s NUENDO DAW software along with three 2-Bus LT summing amps and Monitor ST, providing large-format analog console mixing quality on the road. 

“The pairing of AMD and Dangerous Music equipment has made a tremendous difference to the overall sonic detail of the final mixed music,” says Dweezil. “It’s hard to believe that I’m able to get these kinds of results from a portable mixing rig. It’s truly inspiring. Simply put, I have achieved my best mixes ever with the help of the Dangerous Music gear.”

Charlie Boswell, AMD Director of Digital Media & Entertainment, noted: “Dweezil Zappa has utilized Digital Audio Workstations based on AMD Opteron processors for the past six years both in the production of his own music and most recently in the recording of live ZPZ concerts. Gail Zappa depends upon AMD powered workstations to handle the mission critical role of archiving, producing and building the catalog from the historical Frank Zappa Vault at UMRK* – with releases on Zappa Records and Vaulternative Records. This newest AMD addition to the Zappa workflow is called the ‘Room Service Rig’ because it’s sometimes operated from a hotel room after a show, or possibly on the bus in between shows. AMD collaborated with our friends over at Dangerous Music and PC Audio Labs to make the ‘Room Service Rig’ happen. Its main purpose is to provide the highest studio sonic and mobile production capability to an international touring unit like ZPZ.”

Boswell also explained why the ‘The Room Service Rig’ was aptly named. “Dweezil was not interested in simply hacking together typical ‘board mixes’ of Frank Zappa classics.  He chose Dangerous Music and AMD in order to deliver studio quality mixes and mastering for the fan base. He feels the technology should not only fulfill the Zappa quality requirement but it should also adapt to spontaneity of life on the road.” Visit Charlie Boswell’s blog at: http://globalnerding.blogspot.com/search?q=room+service+rig

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