Field Report: Dangerous Source in Action with Alan Evans of Soulive

There is nothing worse than having to question the quality of sound coming out of your studio monitors. Being able to hear exactly what you are recording and mixing is crucial, whether you’re getting paid or not.

I record and mix artists from all over the world at my studio in Western Massachusetts – everything from rock, bluegrass, and folk to funk and jazz. These are people who spend a lot of time and money on their craft and they are asking me to deliver them a final product that they are proud to play for people. It has to sound good!!

I was introduced to the Dangerous Source in the midst of some studio upgrades. I had recently brought an analog console into the picture, and after doing some monitoring chain comparisons, realized that I needed to make some changes: It seemed like the “printed” playback wasn’t always representing what I heard going in. Obviously that’s a problem, especially when you want to fix something in the mix – you need to be able to hear exactly how it’s going to come out! It was like I needed better monitors, only that’s not what I thought needed replacing…

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