I want to connect gear with floating outputs, how do I wire bleeder resistors? Do I need them if my transformer is center-tapped? Do I need them on inputs and outputs?

The resistors are only needed on the outputs of your gear, and they will be 100k resistors wired from pin 2 to ground and pin 3 to ground. The idea is to have a resistor to ground in order to discharge any voltage caused by capacitive coupling between the primary and secondary coils of the tube output transformer. If the output transformer has a center tap, a 100k resistor could go to ground there or two resistors can be employed (like the barrel is wired), one on each end of the winding to ground. No big difference. In other words, a center tap does not alleviate the need for a bleeder. But it does allow you use just a single resistor from the center tap to ground instead of using 2 from pins 2 and 3.

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