“I bought a bunch of gear, which got me to 80%. Then I researched this little gem out, and the rest is analog history for me. It’s like I poured glue all over my mixes. Fat, Warm, Depth, Clarity and Punch. Did I mention Fat?… READ MORE Jack

Josh Hayward

Engineer/A&R, Astral Plane Studios

“Everyone is loving the LT. Even my clients are getting more motivated to deliver, so it’s affecting creativity and drive!”

Marc Bauman

Engineer, House Recording Studios

“I use my Dangerous 2-BUS LT on every mix. It instills a certain clarity and openness to the balance that is hard to achieve when mixing strictly in-the-box. All the tracks seem to sit more comfortably in their own niche. The 2-BUS LT is a… READ MORE Marc Bauman