Arnold D’Souza


“The headphone amp is so crisp and detailed. I recorded one of my regular artists through it and the D-BOX helped get him to the emotion quicker than ever. It blew him away!”

Barry Rudolph

Mix Magazine

“With its small size, transparent sound, elegant design, simple hookup, D-BOX is packed with everything you need for studio or mobile applications.”

David Hodges


“The D-BOX as a monitoring system, it is intuitive and versatile, clean and powerful. As a summing unit, it gives a warmth and clarity to everything I work on.”

Glenn Bucci

Engineer, Revelation Sound Studios

“WOW!!!! The music is more spread out. All the instruments have their own space…What a difference! A more polished sounding mix…”

Josh Fields


“My mixes are sounding really good now, it’s crazy how much detail I was missing before. I can hear
subtle things that got completely lost before.”

Matt Langston

Rock Candy Recordings, The Jellyrox

“I finally started mixing ‘into’ my D-BOX (instead of using analog summing as an afterthought), and my mixes just went to a completely other level. So much so that I feel confident at last to start charging more for them. I can’t thank you enough-… READ MORE Matt Langston

Mike Bell

Darkart Mastering

“The low end was punching more, you could distinguish the sounds easier, the mix sounded more wide, the highs sounded more real and sat better and this was with only eight channels.”

Nate Wood

Mastering Engineer

“I’m using every single function of the D-BOX, every single day. I use the headphones on the D-BOX all the time for mastering, for fades and cleaning up edits. It’s a huge improvement over what I was using before, way more power and way more… READ MORE Nate Wood

Pete Evick


“The beauty of the Dangerous Music D-BOX is that we travel and do everything on the road, so the D-BOX makes it completely possible to make world-class recordings without having to stop in LA, New York or Nashville.”

Pete Evick


“The D-BOX turns any room, bus or plane into the real deal. The analog summing creates a ‘space’ that you can’t get ‘inside-the-box’ – making records with the D-BOX and a laptop, you can make a real record.”

Ryan West

Mix Engineer

“When I added the D-BOX to my setup at home, I could finally mix just as well there as in any world class studio I’ve ever worked at in NY or LA.”

Ryan West

Mix Engineer

“When I bought the D-BOX 2+ years ago, I had no idea how dramatic the difference would be and I’m still excited by it. Anything that inspires me daily like that is worth its weight in gold. I’m used to having great toys to play… READ MORE Ryan West

Sean Andrews


“The D-BOX simply sounds beautiful and brings everything I play through it to life! I can’t mix without it. Not to mention Dangerous’ customer support is world class! Thank you!”

Steve Freeman

Producer, Songwriter

“Quite simply put, my D-BOX has been the difference between a record and a hit record. In our business, sound is everything and there is no “plug in” that delivers this kind of depth and punch. It’s not ready for the shelves at retail until… READ MORE Steve Freeman

Steven Miller

“I love the D-BOX. No other unit that I’ve seen accomplishes what it does. Between the monitoring, headphone amp and summing mixer, it makes my job increasingly easier; and the music I make sounds 100-times better.”

Steven Miller


“There’s such an instant difference- things get wider, things get a little bit deeper. Our mixes definitely shot through the roof after we started using this thing.”