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Chris Bialuski


“The MONITOR ST is the single most valued piece of gear I have ever owned. It’s a giant asset to my studio. When I got that, it all started making sense.”

Karl Derfler


“The Dangerous MONITOR ST is the essential piece of gear in my arsenal. I couldn’t work without it. I know that I’m hearing an accurate representation of the system output and the headphone output is the best I’ve ever heard.”

La Forest Gray

“The ST is a GOD-send from Dangerous Music, I’ve put this in conjunction with my Apogee Symphony I/O and both the Focal CMS 40’s & Dynaudio BM-5A’s….NO-Coloration what so ever. Easy set-up, connectivity, you can completely trust your mix.”

Richard Devine

Composer and Sound Designer

“I did some tests where I was mixing for longer periods of time and I realized I’m not getting any ear fatigue. The DAC-ST and MONITOR ST combo has this very silky, clean presence. I don’t hear any distortion.”

Richard Devine

Composer and Sound Designer

“I like to mix at lower volumes, and with the ST even at low volumes you get all that macro, beautiful detail, which was interesting to me. I thought, ‘Wow! There’s an immediate difference!’”

Richard Devine

Composer and Sound Designer

“Clean transparent audio with a non-fatiguing sound, I didn’t hear any distortion, and could hear so much detail even monitoring at the lowest listening levels.”

Robert Vosgien

Mastering Engineer

“The sound of my mains improved so much using the Dangerous MONITOR versus the monitor section in the console I was using previously, it prompted me to tell everyone that we need to really get started updating our gear. I began bugging everybody that I… READ MORE Robert Vosgien