BAX EQ Plugin

Subtle, yet powerful tone changing changing from Dangerous Music Digital™


Subtle, yet powerful tone changing changing from Dangerous Music Digital™



The award-winning EQ that brought classic tone control into the 21st century, now available as a UAD plugin. 

Dangerous Music Digital, Brainworx and UAD team up to meticulously model the analog hardware for this plugin. The result is a pristine tone-shaping and filtering tool that can do everything from tracking to mastering.

  • Based on Peter Baxandall’s legendary 1950s HiFi tone control for extreme musicality
  • High and low cut filters remove unwanted frequencies, creating more headroom
  • Utilize the magic of Mid/Side with the Mastering version of the plugin to control the stereo imagery
  • Low end punch without the mud; high end clarity without harshness

Powerful, transparent tone shaping:

The BAX EQ Plugin is modeled from the hardware, which uses only the finest mastering-grade components to achieve transparency and phase coherency. Achieve radio-ready results, without sacrificing the integrity and character of your tracks.

Filter It:

Use the high and low cut filters to get rid of all the extra frequency content that muddies up tracks and kills headroom, thus allowing for louder mixes. The low cut filter goes all the way down to 12 Hz, cleaning out all the infrasonic rumble and unwanted DC, and giving you your punch back, while the high cut filter goes all the way up to 70kHz, eradicating the ultrasonic interference. Best of all, these filters are so accurate and transparent that the rest of the frequency range will remain completely unaffected (not always so with other EQ’s).

The filters also beautifully shape the high and low shelves, creating musical curves that must be heard to be appreciated.

Shelf It:

Before the Bax, shelving EQ’s were often bland and utilitarian, applied only in special circumstances. With the introduction of the Bax, shelving has not only become exciting again, but necessary.

It’s always been difficult to get the right amount of shimmer and openness without introducing harshness or blaring. With the Bax, it’s easy- just turn up the high shelf! The wide curves create musical highs that are pleasing to your ears- not aggressive or brittle.

The low shelf gives you all the bump you need without the mud. Getting a punchy kick drum has never been easier. Filter out the ultra-lows, and boost the shelf. You’ll know it when you feel it. Hear what you’ve been missing all along.

BAX History:

The inspiration behind the Dangerous BAX EQ is Peter Baxandall’s legendary 1950s EQ — a tone control that graced thousands of hi-fi systems. Baxandall’s simple, gloriously effective EQ sweetened up program material by simultaneously employing broad, open curves and gently sloping cuts. Designed in partnership with Brainworx, and Dangerous Music Digital, the Dangerous BAX EQ Collection is a circuit-accurate emulation of the original analog hardware for UAD-2 DSP Accelerators and Apollo-equipped workstations.

The BAX EQ Collection contains two independent plug-ins: the Dangerous BAX EQ Mix and the Dangerous BAX EQ Master — a stereo version with Mid/Side processing capabilities.



  • Resolution Award (winner)
  • Professional Audio Magazine Editors Choice Award (winner)
  • Mix Magazine Certified Hit
  • TEC Award (nominated)


BAX EQ Manual



  • Manny Hernandez

    The Dangerous Bax EQ plugin has been instrumental during our mastering
    sessions. We frequently use it to master Latin music like Bachata and Latino
    Urbano, and at times it’s the only EQ we need.“

  • Emily Lazar

    Mastering Engineer

    “When boosting the shelves, it simply makes the music feel better- bringing a coherency and cogency to an album.”

  • Emily Lazar

    Mastering Engineer

    “I haven’t mastered a project without the BAX engaged since it’s purchase in 2012”

  • Glenn Bucci

    Engineer, Revelation Sound Studios

    “The filters help remove rumble, and when using the 70 kHz filter, it provides more headroom for your mixes. The added M/S just adds more flexibility to the unit as well. This is now one of my go to EQ’s in my studio.”

  • Glenn Bucci

    Engineer, Revelation Sound Studios

    “After hearing the UAD BAX EQ I was amazed how great the unit sounds. It adjusts the signal without getting in the way. It offers a clear crystal sound without sounding sterile or boring. What it does is enhance the music is a wonderful way.”

  • Emily Lazar

    Mastering Engineer

    “The shelving EQs just bring out the magic of the artist’s intentions, without stepping on the music.”

  • Jared M.

    Recording Artist

    “The BAX EQ Plugin got me that vocal sound I have been after. It really adds a beautiful simplicity to the overly complicated process of properly EQ’ing a vocal.”

  • Emily Lazar

    Mastering Engineer

    “The BAX cut filters are a unique and an indispensable part of my corrective process. Rolling off specific low frequencies like 12 or 18Hz actually increases the low end of the final product.”

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