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The Dangerous D-BOX+ is a ground-up dramatic redesign of the award-winning controller and summing mixer that provided countless studios the superior sound and versatile control of an analog mixer, all in just one rack space. The newly designed 8-channel summing mixer and D-A stereo converter provide Dangerous Music’s bold and clear sound, while newly added features like Bluetooth connectivity and an app for remote control of all major functions unleash a cutting edge feature set that puts the D-BOX+ far ahead of the competition. As with all Dangerous Music products, the D-BOX+ is proudly made to exacting audiophile standards in the USA.


Like a large console’s center section, the D-BOX+ provides elaborate routing and switching of your studio’s inputs and outputs, both analog and digital. At the push of a button, you can select from five input sources: analog stereo, the onboard analog summing mixer, USB, AES/SPDIF and—brand new for the D-BOX+—a wireless Bluetooth stream from any Bluetooth-enabled device. Outputs include three stereo speaker ports, and these can be programmed to be mono and/or to include a subwoofer. Further, you can use output 3 as source for an independent sub with individual level and mute control.


Any studio situation, but especially tracking sessions, call for independent monitor routing for artist and engineer. With the D-BOX+ you have two totally independent monitoring sections: Control Room and Headphones. With the simple push of a button, you can assign any of the five input sources to either of these monitoring paths, making what would otherwise be elaborate patches into instant choices. Want to check on your monitors what your artist is hearing in their headphones? Seamless source switching is simple.


Using the new D-BOX+ Bluetooth app, on any current phone, tablet, or computer, you are no longer bound to your chair when you need control your studio. All major functions of the D-BOX+ show up in the highly intuitive and rock solid program, providing limitless new solutions to age-old studio problems. Want to listen to an artist’s instrument in the live room while switching monitoring sources in their headphones? No problem. Want to give a couch-bound producer control over the talkback mic through their phone? Simple. Want to listen to your mixes from the hallway while still swapping monitors or switching a sub in and out? You got it. If you can dream it up, the D-BOX+ app will deliver.


Our D-A converters have been at the heart of award winning tracking, mixing, and mastering studios for decades. Advanced clock stabilization, top-of-class chip sets, and our uncompromising analog signal path add up to a D-A that’s as powerful as it is nuanced. Clarity and musicality of your digital sources are no longer trade-offs, but will come together for the best possible monitoring available in any price category and the D-BOX+ is loaded with three: USB, AES/SPDIF and Bluetooth.


A great session requires a great headphone mix, and a great headphone mix requires a great headphone amp. With the D-BOX+ you get two of them. These potent amps are so clean, powerful, and accurate that many engineers use them exclusively for fine-grained quality control listening right before delivering a record to market. With the easy yet elaborate routing capabilities of the D-BOX+, you’ll be able to send any source to either headphone amp from either the front panel or remotely from within the D-BOX+ app.


DAWs are incredible tools, but they don’t offer all the tools you need to make your studio sessions run like clockwork. The onboard talkback mic of the D-BOX+ offers a simple, time-honored solution to one of a studio’s most basic needs. Now that you can control that talkback mic from anywhere via the D-BOX+ app, you’ll find yourself waving your arms far less and communicating more effectively with your collaborators.


USB audio connectivity has come a long way over the past decade, and Dangerous has been at the forefront of its development the entire time. With the D-BOX+ you not only get an ultra-fast, low-latency USB port, you also get the latest driverless connectivity on macOS and flawless driver support on current Windows computers. Say goodbye to fussing around with software just to get up and running, and say hello to plug-and-play connectivity.


Anyone who has heard what a Dangerous summing mixer can do to improve the sonic impact, panning, depth, and width of a mix knows that there’s no substitute for analog summing when its done right. We’ve heard stellar results from traditional routing of subgroups to separate analog channels all the way to routing multiple effects returns to their own analog paths for unrivaled dimensionality. Mixing is an art form, and our analog summing mixer will help you create masterpieces.


  • Newly upgraded 8-channel analog summing mixer delivers enormous soundstage and superior sonic impact
  • Five analog and digital inputs at your fingertips (analog stereo, analog sum, USB, AES/SPDIF, Bluetooth)
  • Bluetooth wireless audio streaming
  • Free D-BOX+ app offers remote control of all major functions (volume, dim, talkback, I/O select, and more)
  • Dedicated app runs on current macOS, Windows, IOS and Android devices and computers
  • Driverless USB connectivity for macOS; simple USB driver installation for Windows
  • On-board talkback mic with push-button activation (on front panel or remotely from app)
  • Dual best-in-class headphone amplifiers with independent source selection and level control (front panel or app)
  • Three independent speaker outputs (selected from front panel or from app)
  • Programmable speaker selector allows for dedicated mono and/or sub inclusion on all outputs


D-BOX+ Manual

D-BOX+ and Original D-Box Comparison
D-BOX+ Windows Driver
D-Box+ Windows Desktop App
D-BOX+ Mac OS Desktop App

Summing Section

Frequency Response Flat within 0.1dB from 10Hz to 50kHz
THD+N @ +4dBu 0.0019%
IMD 0.0020%
Crosstalk Rejection >114dB @ 1kHz
Noise floor @ unity gain 22Hz to 22kHz <-90dBu
Maximum Input Level +27dBu

Selected Line Output

Frequency Response Flat within 0.5dB from 10Hz to 50kHz
THD+N @ +4dBu 0.0027%
IMD 0.0027%
Crosstalk Rejection >110dB @ 1kHz
Noise Floor 22Hz to 22kHz <-89dBu
Maximum Input Level +26dBu

Monitor Section

Frequency Response Flat within 0.5dB from 10Hz to 50kHz
THD+N @ +4dBu 0.0049%
IMD 0.0090%
Crosstalk Rejection >106dB @ 1kHz
Volume off signal rejection >120dB
Noise floor at unity gain 22Hz to 22kHz <-90dBu

USB & AES DACs, measured at 96kHz sample rate:

Frequency Response Flat within 0.5dB from 10Hz to 30kHz
THD+N @ -14dBfs 0.0027%
Crosstalk Rejection >115dB @ 1kHz
Dynamic Range >106dB

Headphone Amps:

4 ohm minimum load per amplifier (6-8 pairs of typical studio dynamic headphones)
Power Output 3 Watts / Channel
THD+N 0.0066%
Crosstalk Rejection >100dB


  • Steven Miller


    “There’s such an instant difference- things get wider, things get a little bit deeper. Our mixes definitely shot through the roof after we started using this thing.”

  • Morgan Page


    “What I like about the D-BOX is that the transients sound really good. Everything sounds punchy and clear.”

  • Mike Bell

    Darkart Mastering

    “The low end was punching more, you could distinguish the sounds easier, the mix sounded more wide, the highs sounded more real and sat better and this was with only eight channels.”

  • Stephen Fortner

    Keyboard Magazine

    “For keyboard-based producers who demand absolute audio quality, the D-BOX is the solution.”

  • Alan Bogdanovski

    Engineer/Musician - Kamera Lucidia

    “It has taken the digital out of my digital!”

  • Mike Levine

    Electronic Musician

    “With all its features, its impeccable sound quality, and its reasonable price, the D-BOX is going to be very hard to resist.”

  • Nate Wood

    Mastering Engineer

    “The D-BOX just immediately sounded way better to me. It was way easier to address problems in the mix or master.”

  • GearAutopsy.com

    “The Dangerous D-BOX is one of the finest pieces of audio gear I have had the pleasure of working with recently.”

  • Ryan West

    Mix Engineer

    “When I added the D-BOX to my setup at home, I could finally mix just as well there as in any world class studio I’ve ever worked at in NY or LA.”

  • George Shilling

    Resolution Magazine

    “The D-BOX inspires confidence, sounds great, and is truly Pro.”

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