“The Monitor ST is amazing, it’s really helpful for making accurate decisions at all stages of the recording and mixing process.”

Phil Greiss, Producer and engineer

"With the summing, suddenly I have headroom and my drums are loud and punchy."

Josh Fields, Producer/Songwriter/Mixer

"It gives a subtly warm presence while remaining open and retaining transparency. The sound of the box is superlative."

Jonathan Wyner, Mastering Engineer

"I've never in my life used a compressor where I felt confident using it on every master... until now! Plus it just looks great. Makes me smile every time I sit...

Paris Minzer, Frogtown Sound

“If analog inputs, gorgeous design, expandability and top-flight sound do it for you, then you can’t go wrong with the ST.”

Alex Oana, Pro Audio Review

“I heard tones ring longer and blend better than when I tracked them - a detail I didn't even know I had been losing with my old converters.”

Todd Whitelock, Audio Engineer

“Years of experience and design tweaks, inspired by the demands of some of the best mastering engineers on earth, are crammed into the ST. I think it shows....

F. Reid Shippen, TapeOp Magazine

I use my Dangerous 2-Bus LT on every mix. It instills a certain clarity and openness to the balance that is hard to achieve when mixing strictly in-the-box. All...

Marc Bauman, Engineer, House Recording Studios

“I learned on 2-inch tape and a traditional console, I was looking for that analog sound, the Dangerous equipment was a natural solution.”

Craig Duman, video game sound design/music, Snowblind

“This whole experience of using Dangerous Music gear for me was a giant ‘Ah hah!’ — an epiphany.”

Richard Sales, Engineer and producer

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