"I did some tests where I was mixing for longer periods of time and I realized I'm not getting any ear fatigue. The DAC-ST and Monitor ST combo has this very si...

Richard Devine, Composer and Sound Designer

“Chris Muth is a genius. The Dangerous equipment sounds amazing!”

Robert Carranza, Mix Engineer

"Dangerous was the first…with summing…they're still the best.  Completely transparent, more headroom, no color or distortion." 

David Kahne, Producer/Mix Engineer

"It gives a subtly warm presence while remaining open and retaining transparency. The sound of the box is superlative."

Jonathan Wyner, Mastering Engineer

“Having the Monitor ST to integrate all the elements of my rig gives me great peace of mind. With the ST I am confident that I am hearing the true output of t...

Michael Tudor, Engineer

"The Side-Chain facility that's built into the Compressor [is] very well implemented. Just having that facility integrated and being able to go with their relat...

Jonathan Wyner, Mastering Engineer

“When I switched from my other summing box to the 2-Bus it was as night and day to me”

Jeff Juliano, Mix Engineer

"I feel like I have the Force!"

Dustin Burnett, Mixer / Producer / Songwriter

“The 2-Bus didn’t color the sound, but it added a huge amount of width.”

Jeff Anderson, EQ Magazine

“Everything sounded smoother and just better overall.”

Mike Levine, Electronic Musician

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