“The Dangerous gear has certainly created an advantage. Another reason we have been able to establish ourselves in a highly competitive field is that aside fr...

Emily Lazar, Mastering Engineer

“The Dangerous Music gear is a far more elegant solution to anything I saw that was available…because of its simplicity, sonic power, and well thought-out d...

Mike Wells, Mastering Engineer

“The Dangerous Master immediately made a huge improvement in the quality of my work. I think it’s the cleanest sounding solution available.”

Dave McNair, Mastering Engineer

“The Dangerous 2-Bus brings back the true depth of a mix, the space perception created in the mix or recording by using reverb, echo, or the actual room mics....

Karyadi Sutedja, Mix Engineer

"The sound quality is somewhere beyond excellent. Mixing with Source becomes a superior audio experience."

Craig Anderton, Mastering Engineer

“Before I had the Dangerous 2-Bus, I really struggled with EQ and compression trying to get back to the fatness and warmth I was used to.”

Richard Sales, Engineer/Producer

"The sound of my mains improved so much using the Dangerous Monitor versus the monitor section in the console I was using previously, it prompted me to tell eve...

Robert Vosgien, Mastering Engineer

“It was easy to operate and it simply felt liked it belonged on the analogue desk.”

Paul Antonell, Pro Sound News

"The Monitor ST is actually an education in doing it right. The guys at Dangerous obviously designed this thing from years of experience."

Chris Bialuski, President, Recording.org

“The D-Box has just the right balance of functions presented ina clear and very useable way.”

Simon Tillbrook, AudioMedia Magazine

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