“The Monitor ST is amazing, it’s really helpful for making accurate decisions at all stages of the recording and mixing process.”

Phil Greiss, Producer and engineer

“The Monitor has a solid and rugged feel.”

Barry Rudolph, Mix Magazine

“A whole new level of fidelity… The experience was somewhat akin to driving a sports car after driving an economy car.”

Mike Levine, Electronic Musician

“With surround mixes we often compare the center speaker with the left & right or surrounds, it’s simple to do with the Monitor ST/SR.”

Joe Mendelson, Gramercy Post

“We were both immediately impressed with the sturdy construction of the ST-SR and its remote.”

Rich Tozzoli & Paul Antonell, Pro Sound News

“The Dangerous Music equipment is the centerpiece of my mixing rig. Everything I do goes thru a Dangerous Monitor, 2-Bus, Master and BAX EQ. Everything.”

Fab Dupont, Mix Engineer

"I love how while I'm tweaking the knobs I hardly hear the changes and then when I take it out, it's like 'wtf, my mix just shrank!' "

John Butler, Composer, Diamond Mine Music (Dr. Phil, Rachel Ray, etc.)

“Can you really afford to trust what you are hearing to a budget console? In my case, the answer is as clear as the Dangerous Monitor.”

Larry Di Vivo, Tape Op Magazine

"Dangerous was the first…with summing…they're still the best.  Completely transparent, more headroom, no color or distortion." 

David Kahne, Producer/Mix Engineer

"I tried it on a mix and once I heard what it could do on the stereo buss I said 'Oh man, I need to revisit a couple of the other mixes that I've done and put t...

F. Reid Shippen, Mixing Engineer

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