"As you’d want in a router, the Source has no 'sound' of its own; it’s clear and unobtrusive, effectively noiseless, and gives you every bit of the audio it...

Mike Metlay, Recording Magazine

"I replaced my SSL with a Dangerous Music system after researching and testing other available summing systems.”

Gina Fant-Saez, Mix Engineer

"The 2-Bus and Monitor are the core of my mix setup, and I wouldn't use anything else!"

Darren Rust, Producer/Engineer

"...sounded the best, hands down. Great imaging, punch, clarity, etc"

Mike Bell, Darkart Mastering

“This whole experience of using Dangerous Music gear for me was a giant ‘Ah hah!’ — an epiphany.”

Richard Sales, Engineer and producer

“With the 2-Bus LT, elements have their own place. You end up with a quicker, bigger mix and retain a more natural, less processed sound.”

Phil Greiss, Producer/Engineer

The Master’s implementation of the S&M is truly amazing. I use it all the time. It’s definitely a big part of my sound.”

Dave McNair, Masterdisk –Mastering Engineer

“The built-in monitoring section in D-Box is great!  Now I know what my mixes really sound like.”

Count, Producer/Mix Engineer

“The Dangerous Master immediately made a huge improvement in the quality of my work. I think it’s the cleanest sounding solution available.”

Dave McNair, Mastering Engineer

“I bought the Dangerous Monitor because it has the Dangerous Music DA converters, I listened to the converters and I really loved them. They are natural sound...

Antoine "Chab" Chabert, Mastering Engineer

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