“With the Dangerous gear, you can keep using your “inside-the-box” mixing process (I love using Pro Tools' automation and all of the plug-ins) and gain th...

Barry Rudolph, Mix Magazine

“The summing…preserved noticeably more depth, detail, and sense of instrument location.”

Stephen Fortner, Keyboard Magazine

“I wonder how I ever lived without the D-Box.”

Stephen Fortner, Keyboard Magazine

“The Dangerous gear has certainly created an advantage. Another reason we have been able to establish ourselves in a highly competitive field is that aside fr...

Emily Lazar, Mastering Engineer

"The D-Box brings depth and adds tasteful separation that you simply can't achieve in the box."

PJ Bianco, Producer

“I’ve never mastered a song without a Dangerous Master! And I can’t imagine it"

Colin Leonard, Mastering Engineer

"It's so important to make a song feel right, and I feel like I bypassed hours of work by just plugging in the Convert."

Reuven Amiel, Mixer/Producer

"I bought a Dangerous 2-Bus LT and Source, and now I am the happiest man in Glasgow! Amazing equipment!"

Ray Mchard, Producer/Engineer

“With the D-Box summing I spend less time with my tracks ‘pulling teeth’ trying to get the sound right than with mixing in the box.”

Morgan Page, Remixer

“With its small size, transparent sound, elegant design, simple hookup, D-Box is packed with everything you need for studio or mobile applications.”

Barry Rudolph, Mix Magazine

Mix Engineer Michael James Hits #1 with Dangerous Gear

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