“The precision of the volume control, the clean, clear audio path…all enhanced my studio experience.”

Eli Crews, Electronic Musician Magazine

“The super low-end of the BAX EQ is fat without being muddy and it’s incredibly smooth and balanced.”

Fab Dupont, Mix Engineer

“The ST/SR system achieves impressive levels of sonic transparency and neutrality.”

Hugh Robjohns, Sound on Sound

"I got a BAX EQ right after it came out and it's taken over as my go-to EQ. It's almost always at the beginning of the chain unless I need to do something speci...

Mike Wells, Mastering Engineer

"Even my neighbor (who is a landscaper) commented on how much bigger and more open the sound was. The Source is an absolutely amazing box and is also now my go-...

Trent Thompson, Producer/Engineer

“The Monitor ST is the heart of the studio as it controls all of my signal flow and monitoring.”

Dirty South, Remixer

"I bought a bunch of gear, which got me to 80%. Then I researched this little gem out, and the rest is analog history for me. It's like I poured glue all over m...

Jack, Engineer

"From the second I listened to the mix through the Source, it was as if, after staring at a painting for hours on-end, all of the sudden I could finally see wh...

Joe Mullen, Musician, Engineer, Writer (Professional Sound)

"The side chain options are very useful and easy to engage, and the stereo imaging is amazing!"

Maor Appelbaum, Mastering Engineer

"I did some tests where I was mixing for longer periods of time and I realized I'm not getting any ear fatigue. The DAC-ST and Monitor ST combo has this very si...

Richard Devine, Composer and Sound Designer

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