“The integrated DAC in the Dangerous Monitor has become the tool I bench other DACs against. It has superior imaging, with no added color to distract me, and...

Mike Wells, Mastering Engineer

"This baby is a game changer. I've got plenty of compressors at my place, but just the fact that we have the ability to monitor the sidechain here, and we've go...

Mike Wells, Mastering Engineer

"Transparency is truth to me and I feel that the Monitor ST has revealed everything to a point where I can very-well trust it."

Richard Devine, Composer and Sound Designer

“I would argue many of us have not ever experienced the natural sweetness and truth of great playback system like the ST.”

Alex Oana, AudioMedia

"The cutting filters are a fantastic addition on top of the cut and boost shelving filters. I use the BAX EQ every day, I can't really say there isn't any maste...

Mike Wells, Mastering Engineer

“I have never heard any EQ like this one before.”

Fab Dupont, Mix Engineer

“I love all the Dangerous Music equipment. I use the Monitor ST, the Master, and two 2-Bus LTs for my mixing and stem-mastering.”

Noel Jackson, Mastering Engineer

On vocals, the Compressor is sublime - it's one of the most natural and inaudible compressors I've ever used, even with quite heavy-handed ratio and threshold s...

Hugh Robjohns, Sound On Sound Magazine

"The 2-Bus offers every person that's ever wondered or dreamt about working on a large format console that advantage of actually having that sound, that headroo...

Junior Sanchez, Producer

“In a market flooded with inexpensive solutions, the ST stands out as a truly professional alternative.”

Eli Crews, Electronic Musician Magazine

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