"The switching of inserts is managed by beefy relays that are as transparent as any I’ve ever heard."

Adam Gonsalves, Mastering Engineer

“The ST is a dream. From the minute we had it wired up and turned on, it felt natural and easy to use.”

Larry Crane, TapeOp Magazine

“Multiple sidechain options, the innovative 'Smart Dynamics' feature, and the signature transparent musicality Dangerous brings to all their products- we hav...

Mike Wells, Mastering Engineer

“I love all the Dangerous Music equipment. I use the Monitor ST, the Master, and two 2-Bus LTs for my mixing and stem-mastering.”

Noel Jackson, Mastering Engineer

"The Monitor ST is actually an education in doing it right. The guys at Dangerous obviously designed this thing from years of experience."

Chris Bialuski, President, Recording.org

“The 2-Bus is the sonic equivalent of a large format analog console.”

Jacquire King, Producer/Mix Engineer

“This whole experience of using Dangerous Music gear for me was a giant ‘Ah hah!’ — an epiphany.”

Richard Sales, Engineer/Producer

"We were looking for something to break out our digital tracks to, like we had done with analog consoles, the 2-Bus was just what we wanted to get our sound."

Eric “ET” Thorngren, Mix Engineer

"I really think this is a great box for just about any setup that needs a reliable, high-quality monitoring router."

Thom Monahan, TapeOp Magazine

“The Dangerous 2-Bus brings back the true depth of a mix, the space perception created in the mix or recording by using reverb, echo, or the actual room mics....

Karyadi Sutedja, Mix Engineer

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