“I really like having that analog stage in the D-Box, it adds something good sonically to the sound."

Ned Douglas, Engineer

“I went on a mission to try all the different summing amps out there and when I hit the Dangerous I said 'That's IT!’

Robert Carranza, Mix Engineer

"The DA in the D-Box has to be one of the most balanced, neutral and musical converters I have heard."


"I finally started mixing 'into' my D-Box (instead of using analog summing as an afterthought), and my mixes just went to a completely other level. So much so t...

Matt Langston, Rock Candy Recordings, The Jellyrox

“The ST is a dream. From the minute we had it wired up and turned on, it felt natural and easy to use.”

Larry Crane, TapeOp Magazine

“I love the Dangerous Music gear.”

DIrty South, Remixer

"I feel like I have brand new speakers."

Dustin Burnett, Mixer / Producer / Songwriter

“For its quality, features and thoughtful design, the ST can’t be beat, I’m having a hard time remembering how I got by without it.”

Larry Crane, TapeOp Magazine

“The integrated DAC in the Dangerous Monitor has become the tool I bench other DACs against. It has superior imaging, with no added color to distract me, and...

Mike Wells, Mastering Engineer

“In a market flooded with inexpensive solutions, the ST stands out as a truly professional alternative.”

Eli Crews, Electronic Musician Magazine

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