“The Dangerous 2-Bus and Monitor ST were installed at the same time, immediately I could hear a big difference. I was very, very impressed.”

Craig Duman, video game sound design/music, Snowblind

“Its sonic quality and its ingenious ergonomics make purchasing the Dangerous Master a no- brainer.”

Andrew Mendelson, Mix Magazine

“The Dangerous Monitor ST remote is drop dead gorgeous.”

Alex Oana, AudioMedia

“The ST/SR system achieves impressive levels of sonic transparency and neutrality.”

Hugh Robjohns, Sound on Sound

“Because I am in my studio constantly I needed a tool like the D-Box I could use for everything, a Swiss army knife…summing, monitoring, headphones.”

Steve Ouimette, Guitar Hero Composer & Guitarist

“At low volume on the Monitor ST, you still feel the punch of the kick and the power that’s coming through the mix. That is very, very important for me.”

Pablo Arraya, Mix Engineer

“I’ve never heard my system sound better…than with the Master.”

Larry Di Vivo, Tape Op Magazine

"Whats really noticeable with the analog stage is tightness in the different frequency bands - more clarity in the sub and better detail in the highs and high-m...

Joseph Fraioli, Sound Designer

"The D/A is great and it's such an easy system to use."

Ricky Rodriguez, Producer, Engineer

"From the second I plugged it in I could tell it was very pristine and transparent. The low frequencies feel tighter and less intermingled with the other freque...

Joseph Fraioli, Sound Designer

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