"The mix had room to breathe; the Source really does restore the headroom that is so lacking in today’s standard home studio interfaces. You get more punch, a...

Joe Mullen, Musician, Engineer, Writer (Professional Sound)

“What I like about the D-Box is that the transients sound really good. Everything sounds punchy and clear.”

Morgan Page, Remixer

"The thing that really sold me on the BAX EQ is the high pass filter. I haven't found a plug-in high-pass filter that sounds nearly as smooth. I think that the ...

Jonathan Wyner, Mastering Engineer

“I was using another brand of summing amp and thought I was happy with it, but as soon as I plugged in the 2-Bus I was floored.”

Jeff Juliano, Mix Engineer

“There is a definite soundstage…using the 2-Bus LT. You get that same sense of space on large format mixing boards.”

Phil Greiss, Producer/Engineer

“The Dangerous Music gear is a far more elegant solution to anything I saw that was available…because of its simplicity, sonic power, and well thought-out d...

Mike Wells, Mastering Engineer

“Nothing I've ever done sounds anywhere near as fat, modern and clear as with the Dangerous Music gear.”

Richard Sales, Engineer and producer

"The summing mixers I shot out were the [product names withheld] and the Dangerous D-Box. If you’re curious who won, it was the D-Box."

Mike Bell, Darkart Mastering

"I use gear that sounds good to me. The Monitor ST and 2-Bus LT have been great purchases for our Mix Room!"

Ray Benson, Musician/Artist

"The Dangerous D-Box is one of the finest pieces of audio gear I have had the pleasure of working with recently"


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