“I really liked the layout of the controller, the solid feel of the volume knob and especially the sound.”

Paul Antonell, Pro Sound News

“With the D-Box summing I spend less time with my tracks ‘pulling teeth’ trying to get the sound right than with mixing in the box.”

Morgan Page, Remixer

"The D-box simply sounds beautiful and brings everything I play through it to life! I can't mix without it. Not to mention Dangerous' customer support is world ...

Sean Andrews, Songwriter/Producer

"The Mastering DAC is exactly what I have been looking for. Usually when you listen to a source you hear 1Khz-5Khz better than the rest of the audible spectrum ...

Arnold D'Souza, Engineer

“I love all the Dangerous Music equipment. I use the Monitor ST, the Master, and two 2-Bus LTs for my mixing and stem-mastering.”

Noël Jackson, Mastering Engineer

"The sound of the signal path through the Dangerous Compressor, and the quality of the sound even when you just deploy the gain, is really quite lovely."

Jonathan Wyner, Mastering Engineer

"The stereo image is wider and the depth in my mix field is just deeper. I love it."

Ricky Rodriguez, Producer, Engineer

“I have always favored gear that allows me to effect changes without artificially coloring the sound too much.”

Emily Lazar, Mastering Engineer

“On comparison mixes, I was prepared for the console to sound better than the 2-Bus, but I didn’t really notice a difference between them.”

Ryan Greene, Producer/Engineer

“I cannot imagine working without the Dangerous Master.”

Larry Di Vivo, Tape Op Magazine

CONVERT-2 and CONVERT-8 Shipping Now.

Wednesday, Jul 08, 2015

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