“There is a definite soundstage…using the 2-Bus LT. You get that same sense of space on large format mixing boards.”

Phil Greiss, Producer/Engineer

"Woah! The stereo image is definitely wider than I've ever heard here in the control room. And I'm catching details I never have before in songs I've heard a m...

Brian J Anthony, Engineer/Studio Owner

"I noticed a profound improvement in detail when I added the Source - being able to hear problems and overall a much more pleasant listening experience. I write...

Dan Black, Producer

"Mixes have a clear separation between the instruments and being able to sum the bass on it’s own output, I notice a smooth consistent bass response that I wa...

Billy Mohler, Producer, Engineer, Musician

“I could hear the difference between A/D D/A converters…choosing between them…for each session…has become effortless.”

Larry Di Vivo, Tape Op Magazine

"Very musical and super clean. The HPF is the best I’ve used and it’s an excellent tool for problem solving."

Simon Li, Mixing/Mastering Engineer - nOiz

"The Liaison is such a hip device. To be able to choose between different outboard gear immediately, and change the order of it in the signal path immediately i...

Robert Vosgien, Mastering Engineer

"Transparency is not a dirty word and this compressor is full of it. It can be so gentle you would barely hear it, OR it can compress hard and yet it keeps the ...

Maor Appelbaum, Mastering Engineer

“I tested many converters, and the Convert-8 is the only memorable/striking experience I had, not only for the quality, musicality and richness of the conve...

Reuven Amiel, Mixer/Producer

"I compared a lot of summing boxes, but when I tried the Dangerous 2-Bus I totally fell in love. Sound is what matters.”

Reuven Amiel, Mix Engineer

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