“When I switched from my other summing box to the 2-Bus it was as night and day to me”

Jeff Juliano, Mix Engineer

"I love how while I'm tweaking the knobs I hardly hear the changes and then when I take it out, it's like 'wtf, my mix just shrank!' "

John Butler, Composer, Diamond Mine Music (Dr. Phil, Rachel Ray, etc.)

“The ST/SR system achieves impressive levels of sonic transparency and neutrality.”

Hugh Robjohns, Sound on Sound

"The Dangerous Monitor ST is the essential piece of gear in my arsenal. I couldn't work without it. I know that I'm hearing an accurate representation of the ...

Karl Derfler, Engineer/Producer

"I love the fact that the box is both easy and deep. It's like driving a Ferrari with an optional autopilot."

Michael James, Producer, Engineer

“The ST surprised me in proving to be a vast improvement over my SSL’s modified monitor section. The ST one of the best monitoring sections I’ve ever used...

F. Reid Shippen, TapeOp Magazine

"Pure Magic! The BAX EQ was amazing in gently removing the low end 30Hz and below, adding a little more punch in the low's at 84 Hz, and bringing the guitars an...

Glenn Bucci, Engineer, Revelation Sound Studios

“The Monitor ST… does its job of switching sources and speakers with utmost transparency.”

F. Reid Shippen , TapeOp Magazine

“The Monitor ST is amazing, it’s really helpful for making accurate decisions at all stages of the recording and mixing process.”

Phil Greiss, Producer & engineer

“The 2-Bus didn’t color the sound, but it added a huge amount of width.”

Jeff Anderson, EQ Magazine

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