"I'm using every single function of the D-Box, every single day. I use the headphones on the D-Box all the time for mastering, for fades and cleaning up edits. ...

Nate Wood, Mastering Engineer

“When I had the chance to try the Dangerous Music gear, it totally delivered on all that I had hoped for.”

Mike Wells, Mastering Engineer

“I’m a huge fan of the Dangerous Master’s S&M circuitry. It always seems to add an elegant width and depth to the mix"

Emily Lazar, Mastering Engineer

"I really think this is a great box for just about any setup that needs a reliable, high-quality monitoring router."

Thom Monahan, TapeOp Magazine

“Can you really afford to trust what you are hearing to a budget console? In my case, the answer is as clear as the Dangerous Monitor.”

Larry Di Vivo, Tape Op Magazine

“I was looking to bring an analog sound and feel to the video projects, the Dangerous equipment was a natural solution.”

Craig Duman, video game sound design/music, Snowblind

"I am really impressed by the source. In fact, if you were to ask me how much this unit costs without knowing, after using it i would say at least double what i...

Joseph Fraioli, Sound Designer

"Pure Magic! The BAX EQ was amazing in gently removing the low end 30Hz and below, adding a little more punch in the low's at 84 Hz, and bringing the guitars an...

Glenn Bucci, Engineer, Revelation Sound Studios

"I tried it on a mix and once I heard what it could do on the stereo buss I said 'Oh man, I need to revisit a couple of the other mixes that I've done and put t...

F. Reid Shippen, Mixing Engineer

"The filters help remove rumble, and when using the 70 kHz filter, it provides more headroom for your mixes. The added M/S just adds more flexibility to the uni...

Glenn Bucci, Engineer, Revelation Sound Studios

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