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Simply The Best Monitor Controller Available

An audiophile-grade, multi-purpose monitor controller for tracking, mixing and mastering that won’t color your sound. Designed by the renowned Chris Muth, the MONITOR ST handles all of your input sources, speaker switching, cue, talkback and headphone needs, all in a 1U package with crystal clarity. With its stepped attenuator, five input sources, three speaker outputs, programmable I/O levels, dedicated subwoofer out and more – all accessed via the elegant remote control – you won’t leave the sweet spot while handling all your studio routing effortlessly. the MONITOR ST is so accurate, clear and flexible that you’ll see its remote atop even the world’s best consoles!

First Things First – You Must Hear Everything

True craftsmanship is in the details. If you can’t hear the nuances of what you’re working on, then you simply can’t make informed decisions. Everything from placing a mic, to turning a knob on an EQ, to coaching a singer though a delicate passage depends on being able to hear exactly what’s going on. With the advent of “prosumer” gear, the monitoring path is typically sacrificed to meet a price-point, and even some of the world’s most revered and expensive large-format consoles have less-than-accurate center sections that obscure the sound. To solve these problems, we’ve made zero compromises  in the MONITOR ST, employing audiophile-grade components in an unconditionally transparent design. Whether you’re working in a project studio or managing the complex monitor routing in a multi-room studio, the MONITOR ST will provide the most accurate and reliable monitoring available anywhere.

All Analog Volume Knob & Switching

If the studio were a car, the volume knob is the steering wheel, your connection to the whole mechanism through which all important feedback is routed. Not all volume controls are created equal – some affect frequency response at different levels, some introduce noise, some rely on tone-snatching digital level controls. the MONITOR ST’s volume control is a relay-actuated stepped analog attenuator made from top-shelf audiophile-grade components, expertly implemented into Chris Muth’s no-compromise analog signal path. From the remote’s elegantly-shaped knob, you’ll get crystal clear sonics with dead-accurate volume level recalls and better than 0.01dB gain tracking between channels. Whether you’re blasting playback through the mains or squinting at your small monitors at whisper volumes, the MONITOR ST will never color your sound or skew your stereo image. And because all the switching within the MONITOR ST is handled by relays, your audio signals are delivered to your speakers unadulterated, removing all the guesswork while tracking, mixing or mastering.

Effortless and Elaborate Signal Routing

As the centerpiece of your studio, the MONITOR ST handles complex routing elegantly. There are four analog inputs, three speaker outputs, plus a stereo subwoofer output with programmable level offset and filter that can be assigned to any of the three speaker pairs (or used for a 4th pair of studio monitors). All of these ins and outs can be custom calibrated with onboard, programmable level offsets that you can recall instantly for different devices and configurations. Need to monitor a -10dBV commercial source like a CD player with levels perfectly matched? No problem. The on-board talkback mic, slate output and the robust 20w/channel headphone amplifier – which can receive the Main Mix or the Aux In for custom artist mixes – round out all the routing needs for any studio. And the Aux Input can be layered with any of the four main inputs, offering up even more routing solutions.

Programmable Offsets

Main monitors louder than your near-fields? No problem. Just switch between them and adjust the MONITOR ST’s level offsets in Setup mode until they’re matched, and then store. Now every time you switch between speakers they are matched for apparent loudness. You can do the same with the inputs, and with the Subwoofer Output, getting all of your studio’s gear in perfect balance for seamless monitoring.

Elegant and Efficient Remote Control

Stay in the sweet spot while managing every signal in your studio. the MONITOR ST’s award-winning design is centered around an ergonomic, intuitive and indestructible remote control that hosts access to all of the MONITOR ST’s features. Connected with a single shielded Cat-5 cable, this remote is equally at home on a desk or the armrest of a big console – wherever your listening sweet spot is. The illuminated switches give you instant visual feedback of all your settings, while the stepped volume knob triggers the audiophile-grade relays in the main unit. Get this remote under your hands to find out why the MONITOR ST has won a TEC Nomination, A Future Music Ace Award and was crowned a Certified Hit by Mix Magazine.

An Expandable System

Require 5.1, 7.1, 10.2 or greater? Just add the MONITOR SR to your ST system. The SR modules allow you to add as many channels as you need to handle all of your surround monitoring tasks, all with the world-class sound and control that the ST has to offer. And with the Dangerous Music CONVERT-2 you can connect the ST’s remote and control a number of essential switching functions.


  • Mix Magazine Certified Hit
  • Future Music Ace Awards (winner)
  • TEC Award (Nominated)


  • Hand assembled in the USA.
  • Audiophile-grade components throughout for crystal clear monitoring.
  • Pristine and powerful 20W/channel headphone amp.
  • Programmable remote tethered by a single Cat 5e shielded cable.
  • Customize the five analog inputs, three speaker sets and dedicated subwoofer output.
  • Assignable stereo subwoofer output includes programmable level trim and filter.
  • Audiophile-grade analog stepped-attenuator volume control.
  • Adjust for and store level offsets for different devices.
  • Input level compensation for -10dBV and +4dBu sources
  • Talkback system with dual control and dedicated slate output.


ST/SR Manual

“Read This First” Document
MONITOR ST Chop Shop/Fact Snack
Schematic for ST Cue to Meters
SR Panel Drawings (PDF)
ST Panel Drawings (PDF)
ST Remote Fact Snack

Setup Diagrams
2-BUS LT with MONITOR ST and Symphony
MONITOR ST and DAC-ST Connections
MONITOR ST and SR Connections

Gain Tracking Accuracy: better than 0.05dB for 6 channels

THD+N: 0.002% IMD: 0.003%

Frequency Response: 1Hz-100kHz    -0.1dB
Crosstalk Rejection: >95dB Nominal Input Level: +4dBu or -10dBV
Crossover: -3dB @ 57Hz 18dB/octave modified Butterworth/Chebyshev

Dynamic range : 110dB
Maximum level: +25dBu

Headphone amp: 0.002% THD+N

Headroom: +25dBu to main outputs

Remote Dimensions:

  • Width- 31.22 CM, 12.29 IN
  • Depth-  10.60 CM, 4.17 IN
  • Rear Height- 3.90 CM, 1.54 IN
  • Front Height-  2.40 CM, 0.94 IN

Warranty: Free 2 year extended warranty with online registration.Standard warranty: 90 days parts and labor, subject to inspection. Does not include damage incurred through abusive operation or modifications/attempted repair by unauthorized technicians.


  • Robert Vosgien

    Mastering Engineer

    “The sound of my mains improved so much using the Dangerous MONITOR versus the monitor section in the console I was using previously, it prompted me to tell everyone that we need to really get started updating our gear. I began bugging everybody that I needed to get some more Dangerous gear.”

  • Ron Kopald


    “I am hearing more detail than I’ve heard before. Seriously, my monitors sound different!”

  • Ray Benson


    “I use gear that sounds good to me. The MONITOR ST and 2-BUS LT have been great purchases for our Mix Room!”

  • Karl Derfler


    “The Dangerous MONITOR ST is the essential piece of gear in my arsenal. I couldn’t work without it. I know that I’m hearing an accurate representation of the system output and the headphone output is the best I’ve ever heard.”

  • Chris Bialuski


    “The MONITOR ST is actually an education in doing it right. The guys at Dangerous obviously designed this thing from years of experience.”

  • BigTree

    Engineers around the world that never have the opportunity to work with people like Chris Muth, how would you ever know what they do and how they listen and get it right. Well, when you buy products from guys like this, they are designed the way they would want it for themselves. Hence, why I shop and pay attention the the mastering guys, even if I’m not mastering.

    The Monitor ST is the single most valued piece of gear I have ever owned. Its a giant asset to my studio. When I got that, it all starting making sense.

  • Dustin Burnett

    Mixer / Producer / Songwriter

    “I feel like I have brand new speakers.”

  • Richard Devine

    Composer and Sound Designer

    “Transparency is truth to me and I feel that the MONITOR ST has revealed everything to a point where I can very-well trust it.”

  • La Forest Gray

    Mix Engineer, Producer, Songwriter

    “The ST is a GOD-send from Dangerous Music, I’ve put this in conjunction with my Apogee Symphony I/O and both the Focal CMS 40’s & Dynaudio BM-5A’s….NO-Coloration what so ever. Easy set-up, connectivity, you can completely trust your mix.”

  • La Forest Gray

    Producer, Recording and Mix Engineer

    “The Dangerous Music MONITOR ST let’s me hear my mixes, it moves out of the way and let’s the vocals and music come through as it was recorded.”

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ST/SR Integration - Dangerous Music

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